Ashu Kelvin from Mutengene ISOHSA’s goal post shield.

ISOHSA’s goalkeeper from Mutengene (Tiko subdivision), Ashu Kelvin alias “Čech” pulled a masterclass performance during the National Interpools 2023 with 4 clean sheets in 6 games conceding just 3 goals.

As goalkeeper, he was a crucial part of ISOSHA’s defense as his incredible saves helped his team prevent their opponents from scoring.

Ashu’s countless impressive saves was a great contributing factor to ISOHSA’s promotion to Elite 2 Championship.

The Man of the match shirt of Ashu Kelvin was recently put up for auction sales bought by Maitre Kelvin Hongla, who was the highest bidder. The shirt was signed by all players of ISOHSA.

It should be noted that Ashu Kelvin as voted the “Best Goalkeeper” during the SW Mini Interpools 2023 where out of 16 games, he conceded just 8 goals and kept 9 clean sheets.

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