Breaking News: Man killed while trying to steal petrol in Tiko.

The corpse of a man identified as Ebot Perry was found behind Eternal Life Chapel just around the entrance of GTHS Tiko today morning, Sunday June 18th 2023.

Tiko Magazine gathered that he was a resident of Mutengene, Tiko sub-division who met his demise while trying to steal petrol from a car parked at a garage.

According to eye witness statements, the incident happened in the early hours of today when an apprentice of the said garage by name Alphonse who happened to spend the night at the garage heard strange noises coming from a parked jeep.

Upon checking it out, he saw a man trying to steal petrol from the car with a container and pipe. The assailant attacked Alphonse in an attempt to escape but was stopped. Both men engaged in a fist fight but the assailant was able to escape.

Later this morning, his corpse was found behind a church opposite the scene of the crime in what seems like he died from the injuries he sustained from the fight.

Alphonse has been taken in by the Forces of Law and Order in Tiko while investigations are ongoing to collaborate what transpired this faithful morning.

It should be noted that this is not the first time theft of petrol from cars in the garage has been recorded, according to mechanics who work at the garage there has been multiple instances of theft where they came to work and find cars parked there being drained of all petrol in their tanks.

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