Business seminar organized in preparation of the 57th edition of the Youth Day in Tiko.

The Municipal Youth Councilors (MYC) of Tiko under the leadership of Ms. Lornarica Nguetussi organised a business seminar to commemorate the Youth Week.

This business seminar which was held at the Tiko Council Banquet Hall on Thursday 9th February 2023 was graced with the presence of the Mayor of Tiko HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III, the Divisional Officer of Tiko Mr. Kawah Armstrong, President Elect Cameroon Youth National Council Mme Moli, as well as organizations such as Humble Friends Association, Talentz Build Foundation, Zeal Over Zeal Africa as well as Blissz Concept Group who have similar vision to educate and empower young people.

In Line with the celebration of the 57th Youth Day with theme “Youth, moral, civic and entrepreneurship rearmament, a guarantee for discipline in building of a united and prosperous Cameroon”, the Mayor of Tiko HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III elaborated and appreciated the word Entrepreneurship, outlining the fact that change must start with us as individuals and youths should stop the blame-game business which is in line with the message shared by the D.O of Tiko Mr. Kawah Armstrong that entrepreneurship brings new business, wealth and social change.

Mr. John Etta, Founder VIP Winnerz Community and the President of the Municipal Youth Councilors Ms. Lornarica Nguetussi emphasized on some key aspects of becoming an entrepreneur amongst which include; belonging to a community, identifying your audience, creating ideas which can be expanded, developing a high income skill, as well as networking.

Time management being one of the arms behind being successful shapes out the point of prioritizing your plans as an individual. Young people were advised to showcase their talents so as to have exposure and be able to grow.

Identifying a problem in the society, looking for possible solutions could be an ideal way to describe who an entrepreneur is. Youths should therefore have as purpose being the future of the society, with the need to renew, refresh and maintain the current status.

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