CKC Tiko GCE results released after ban over malpractices

The Cameroon GCE Board has released the 2023 GCE results of the Catholic-run secondary school, Christ the King College (CKC) Tiko. The school scored 100 percent.

However, results for subjects like Commerce and Finance will not be released due to reportedly high levels of exam malpractices.

These students were banned by the Cameroon GCE Board for alleged examination malpractices during the 2023 examination session. According to the Principal of Christ the King College Tiko (CKC TIKO) Rev. Sr. Edith Itor, it is a moment of joy for the college, its students and its parents.

“My heart is filled with joy. The reputation of Christ the king College was at stake, but thank God that the GCE Board did the necessary verifications and has uplifted the ban on our Students”. The Education Secretary of the Diocese of Buea Rev. Fr. Vincent Mesue expressed these words of relief with regards to the GCE Ban uplifted from 30 students of Christ the King College Tiko; 27 A’Level students and 3 O’Level students.

Rev. Sr. Edith Itor noted that “ I am happy that the GCE Board has been objective in revisiting the results on an individual bases because students should not be judged as a group but as individuals. The GCE Board has looked at the results and cancelled the subjects identified with examination malpractices. Our students have all passed and we have 100%”.

It is worthy to note that the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board, sanctioned close to 2,000 candidates for examination malpractices during the 2023 session of examinations organized by the Board.

They ranged from collusion to script substitution, impersonation, use of pre-prepared materials, mobile phones, and violence.

As a result, the Board sanctioned 661 A/Level candidates and 699 O/Level candidates who sat for the 2023 GCE. The sanctions ranged from one year to three years of suspension from the GCE, with a cancellation of results.

It is no doubt that this sanction demoralized affected colleges, students as well as parents. Nevertheless, these students especially are expected to pick up the broken pieces and forge ahead while paying attention to the dangers of examination malpractices and other unlawful practices that may ruin their lives.

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