Construction of a 5-star hotel in Tiko municipality underway.

The Mayor of Tiko Council HRM Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso III, following his conversations with the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development, George Elanga Obama during his visit to the AFCON village which Tiko Council hosted during the African Cup of Nation’s with Limbe as one of the host cities and another follow up discussion which took place last August 2021 at the Tiko Council Mayor’s office, HRH Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso III was granted an authorization to travel overseas which falls in the line with the laws of Decentralization and the fruits of his visit to Brazil in Latin America has started yielding fruits.

So far the Tiko Council has started twinning relationships with Councils in Brazil Which started last 2021.

Presently the Lord Mayor of the Tiko Council HRH Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso III and his team were at the City Council of Olímpia in Brazil where a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was being signed between Tiko Council and the City Council of Olímpia, Brazil. It should be noted that the MOU will include interalia funding of projects for Tiko municipality, presenting of the Tiko municipality potentials and vice versa.

The Mayor of the Tiko Council HRM Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso III is being accompanied by the Secretary General of the Tiko Council, the Council Development Officer and the Municipal Treasurer.

During his stay in Brazil,the Mayor HRH Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso III will visit three major cities in Brazil beginning with the city of Rio de Janeiro which has similar characteristics to the Tiko municipality.

Presently mayor HRH chief Peter Ikome Mesoso III at the City Council of Olímpia is presenting a project for the construction of a 5 Star hotel in Tiko taking into the point that in the days ahead the Tiko Airport will go operational and while not the seaport which will make Tiko the economy hub of South West region in particular and Cameroon in general.

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