Dash Media Awards Tiko Council female staff during March 8 celebration.

Female staff of Tiko Council, who celebrated the 2023 International Women’s Day on March 8th were offered a wonderful reception at the council banquet hall by the executive of the institution headed by it’s shepherd, Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III.

The reception that was graced by the Administration of Tiko headed by it’s Divisional Officer, Mr. Voh Kawa Armstrong, Senator Lionel Fonderson Papinatu and others saw some of the female staff of Tiko Council going home with wonderful prizes in cash offered by the CEO of Dash Media, Bony Dashaco.

The best female staff for College One went to Mercy Moukondo with the sum of fifty thousand (50.000) FCFA, best female staff College Two to Mrs Achanga Bih Carolinda with the sum of fifty thousand (50.000) FCFA, most resilient female staff to Madam Glory Agbor with the sum of twenty thousand (20.000) FCFA and Mr. Some Julius Ngolle won the most supportive male staff with the sum of twenty thousand (20.000) FCFA.

The 2023 International Women’s Day for Tiko council female staff started with phase one at the Grandstand whereby they came out in their numbers headed by the second Deputy Mayor, Madam Elmina Ngomba and the Secretary General Mrs. Eri Tatason for the March past and later part two that was colorful with the participation of the female staff from the CDC Health sector whereby the Mayor, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III organized a special dancing competition between them and his staff.

It should be noted that Tiko Council has been noted for always being at the top when it concern Women’s Day celebration in the municipality. In 2022, the female staff and female councilors went to Kribi, Ocean Division, South region for a workshop, football game and touristic exercise with their counterparts of Kribi I Council ahead of the Women’s Day celebration.

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