EYASU, a new traditional fabric symbolizing Cameroon’s South West region.

The people of the South West region now have a common traditional fabric called “EYASU”.

The beautiful fabric was unveiled a few days ago by Chiefs in Buea.

While introducing EYASU, Mrs. Grace Ewang Ngobiesalaka, Former Delegate of Arts Culture in the South West Region, said, “In 2016, Cameroon is hosting the Female AFCON. The South West Region, as one of the hosts, needs to come out as one people with whistles, drums, and xylophones to welcome their guests. The South West people, in their generosity, legendary hospitality, and friendship, need to offer souvenir objects to their prestigious guests with the South West brand. But there is a clear observation. The exhibition stands in the craft sector do not have enough to offer the brand. From here was born the obligation for the South West people to create “OURS” with the six in one.”

“EYASU” which means “OURS” symbolizes the Six-In-One (symbol of unity) which constitutes the six divisions of Cameroon’s South West Region. The Divisions include, Fako, Kupe Muanenguba, Lebialem, Manyu, Meme and Ndian.

It is aimed at bringing unity, cultural identification, uniqueness and togetherness amongst people from the South West region.

The brains behind the traditional fabric came to the realization that the people of the South West Region of Cameroon needed something that gave them a unique identity.

The fabric will be officially launched in November 2023.

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