Humble Friends Association addressing health challenges in Tiko.

Following keen observations made on the health problems encountered by the Tiko population in 2016, the Humble Friends Association was created.

Just like the thousands of organizations carrying out humanitarian projects, is the Humble Friends Association which is a non profit organization made up of health care providers, community workers, and mobilizers.

They also offer a vast expertise in the fight against Malaria, HIV/AIDS, STIs, Tuberculosis, Drugs Abuse, Gender Based Violence and COVID-19.

They also provide assistance to orphans and destitute, following up women for antenatal clinic, and so many more. Some of its beneficiaries may include;

  • Communities, Youth and Adolescents living with HIV/AIDS and many other diseases.
  • Survivors of Gender Based Violence
  • Vulnerable population, destitute, orphans, widows, independent children and single mothers.
  • Not forgetting the Internally displaced persons.

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