Kache Boris is 25 goals in 2023

Bamboutos striker Kache Boris has finished the calendar year (2023) as the “Highest Goal Scorer” in Cameroon.

Kache has a total of 25 goals in 2023.

With 16 goals in the MTN Elite Two and 9 goals in the MTN Elite One championships in 2023, no other footballer in the country’s Elite Championship was better than the former Rangers FC player in terms of goal scoring.

In 2023, the forward switched from Rangers FC of Bafut in the MTN Elite Two to Bamboutos FC of Mbouda in the Elite One.

This is an incredible statistic that must never be overlooked. Boris Kache is amongst the MTN Elite One top scorer of the current season with 9 goals in 12 games. He is just two goals shy of the top scorer, Jules Armand Kooh of Astres and only one shy of Richmond Nji of Victoria United of Limbe. Kooh and Nji have played more games than Kache.

Globally, Al Nassr star, Cristiano Ronaldo finished 2023 most prolific striker with 54 goals.

By Rene Katche Echu

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