Maflekumen Institute Tiko organizes one day entrepreneurship dinner lecture.

The academic year 2022/23 ended in a grandeur manner as the the CEO of Maflekumen University Institute Tiko Dr. Ewang Anslem Akume alongside his staffers held an Entrepreneurial Dinner yesterday June 27th 2023 as well as a Final Evaluation process for the BSc students of this institution.

This Entrepreneurial Dinner held at Airport Hotel Tiko brought together youths within Tiko Sub-division with various potential, who shared their ideas on how they started their businesses as well as the importance of Entrepreneurship.

This was well elaborated by a student of Maflekumen University Institute, Anangwa Naomi Nasang and Epoumb Boris Director of BORTEC, a computer training institution in Tiko who spoke on owning a domain name when starting your own business as well as making sure you network and understand your niche.

In the course of this Entrepreneurial Dinner the CEO of this prestigious institution officially announced to the population of Tiko and the country at large that they will kick start the MSc programs in 10 different programs come 2023/2024 academic year.

It is worth noting that Maflekumen University Institute Tiko who happens to be one of the private institutions in Cameroon that is a member of the African University Union, will come academic year 2023/2024 offer Msc in the following programs: Nursing Education, Medico-Surgical Nursing, Public Health and Hygiene, Hospital Administration, Public health-Epidemiology, Reproductive health and Midwifery, Clinical Nutrition and Dietectic , Infectious Disease Control, Heamathology and Blood Banking and Clinical Pathology.

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