Provision of portable water in Mutengene: Population hails Tiko Mayor.

The population of Mutengene in Tiko Subdivision, has saluted the Lord Mayor of the municipality, Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso III for providing portable water in the community.

The denizens who have been without this precious liquid for years, have now benefited from the magnanimity and largess of the mayor who has yielded to their cry by making portable water available to the population.

This act of the mayor has been termed as life-saving which the denizens say, came at the right time when many communities are faced with water scarcity.

While thanking the Mayor and at the same time pledging their unflinching support and loyalty to him for this laudable initiative carried out, the population used the occasion to call on other elites in the subdivision to emulate the steps taken by the Mayor by yielding to calls for intervention in other areas of need in the community.

Such action by the Mayor if emulated by other elites, the population say, will enhance rapid developments and ensure their well-being.

Credit: Sakwe Ophelia

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