Regina Pacis Hospital Mutengene gets Centre for Diabetes and Hypertension.

Statistics have shown an increase in the number of diabetic and hypertensive patients  in the society today. This health concern according to the Chief Medical Officer of Regina Pacis Hospital – Mutengene  Dr. Agbor Junior, poses serious health challenges to  patients when poorly managed.

For this reason and also to ensure that those who are not affected know their status and take precautionary measures to stay off these health conditions, the Regina Pacis Hospital Mutengene has instituted a Centre for diabetes and hypertension, working in partnership with medical delegates from GHPL; an expert laboratory and pharmaceutical company in Douala, Cameroon.

This Centre focuses on awareness creation on diabetes and hypertension, offering free screening and health talks on the management and prevention of these health conditions and equally making available sample medications as the need may arise.

According to the Administrator of Regina Pacis Hospital Mutengene Rev. Sr. Rillindis Nsah, this initiative will help curb the rise in diabetic and hypertensive patients and will go a long way to follow up patients accordingly. It is important to note that everyone is likely to be a victim of diabetes and hypertension though focus is placed on persons aged 40years and above. The management of Regina Pacis Hospital Mutengene invites the masses to make use of this opportunity and preserve their health.

It is worth noting that this Centre for diabetes and hypertension at Regina Pacis Hospital Mutengene is open to all for screening and control every Fridays of the week.


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