Saint Laetitia Nursery and Primary School Tiko- Douala road consecrated

The Proprietor of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Buea, the Most Rev. Michael Bibi, has consecrated the newly constructed Saint Laetitia Nursery and Primary School Tiko-Douala Road.

The modern architectural masterpiece was consecrated, Wednesday, February 15th, 2023, in a solemn event that brought together pupils and teachers of the institution, the Bishop of Buea, and officials of the Catholic Education Secretariat.

During the event, the pupils and teachers of the school expressed gratitude to their benefactor, the Japanese Embassy in Cameroon, and the Most Rev. Michael Bibi for the ultra-modern structure.

The school was constructed by the Japanese Embassy in Cameroon, with the help of an anonymous benefactor.

In her welcome address, the Headmistress of the school, Madam Annet Amarachi, said the new school building has greatly solved the problem of limited accommodation.

“We had a serious problem of accommodation in our previous campus. But this building has come to solve that problem. Our classes are modern and spacious and it has also increased our enrolment. We want to thank the Bishop, our anonymous benefactor and the Japanese Embassy in Cameroon for this building.”

Meanwhile, the Headmistress of the School used the occasion to appeal to the Proprietor of the school to provide didactic materials, a modern playground and a water system to make the school a veritable citadel of learning.

In response to the Headmistress’s request, the Proprietor of the School, Mgr. Bibi beseeched the school authorities to be patient for their worries would be looked into in due time.

During the consecration of the newly constructed edifice, the pupils of the school made several presentations in front of their Proprietor, expressing their appreciation for the structure.

The new structure is intended to provide a unforgettable teaching-learning experience.

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