South West Regional League Clubs Declared General Forfeiture: Do Clubs Produce Licenses?

Seven (07) clubs of the South West Regional League including Tiko’s Little Foot FC and Treviso FC have been declared General Forfeiture for failing to take part in the 1st two games due to the non-availability of licenses.

Many fans of clubs and football enthusiasts of the South West Regional League ponder why clubs will be declared General Forfeiture due to the non-availability of licenses, when the clubs themselves do not produce these licenses.

On their 2nd day of play, Little Foot FC presented just 6 licenses for their match against Fako United FC which did not hold. Talking to Tiko Magazine, some club officials of Little Foot FC highlighted the fact that they had submitted all documents as regards production of licenses for their players since October 2023 but up till now just six of their licenses were produced.

On the other hand, the Homologation and Disciplinary Committee (HDC) of the South West Regional League of FECAFOOT highlighted in their decision that “the federation nor the Regional League are not responsible for the demand or application for licenses for it is the sole responsibility of each club to do the needful for the obtention of their licenses.”

With both the club officials and HDC pointing fingers at each other, who then is to be hold accountable for the non-availability of licenses?

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