The Lord Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso’s trip to Brazil making waves.

The Lion of Tiko, Mayor Peter Ikome Mesoso III visit to Brazil last 2022 is still making waves in the Municipality of Tiko in particular and Cameroon in general.

The mayor who travelled to Brazil accompanied by the council Municipal Treasurer, Secretary General and Development Officer for Partnership with the Olmpia City Council for a five star hotel to be constructed in Tiko, on the sideline of his visit attended the Open Day for seashore between Cameroon and Brazil.

During the ceremony the Mayor met with Cameroon Football Federation President, Samuel Eto’o Fils. The Mayor and his team discussed alot with the FA Boss which in the days ahead will be visible to the people of Tiko Municipality.

It should be noted that the gateway Municipality is well known in the country as concern football with its legendary Tiko United FC that won the championship in 2008/2009 season.

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