The Tiko hospital layout bridge: inhabitants cry for solution.

Many inhabitants living around the general hospital layout in TIKO have expressed worries about the current state of the bridge linking their area to other parts of Tiko.

So our team decided to visit the bridge today to assess its current state as can be seen in pictures.

Presently the wood used on the bridge is held with rubbers, some are even broken while others supported with stones.

One can get frightening sounds from the old dilapidated woods as bikes plough over the bridge.

This comes at a time when the Tiko Council is carrying out reconstruction works at the Likomba bridge.

Some people allegedly say the bridge is the responsibility of the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC).

Many hope that reconstruction works can also be carried out on this bridge by Tiko Council as the bridge is vital route to the inhabitants and patients who seek medical services at the Tiko general hospital.

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