Tiko council mayor’s USA tour turns diplomatic.

The Shepherd of Tiko municipality, Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III tour to the USA to win aid to the municipality yesterday was Diplomatic.

After being part of the final of a veteran tournament organized by Cameroonians in Maryland, USA where he was guest of honour, (communed with Tiko denizens) and paying a courtesy visit to the Alaska native Heritage Centre excorted by the Representative Geran Tarr of Anchorage Alaska, Mayor Mesoso III from the gateway city of Tiko, Cameroon, on August 3rd, 2023 had a working session with top officials of Alaska state, USA which was Diplomatic.

The Tiko Council Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III met with Top Dignatories of Alaska such as the Representative Geran Tarr Anchorage City Mayor, Mayor Dave Bronson in a working session.

During his visit in the Alaska state of emergency, Mayor Mesoso III also had the opportunity to meet with the Senator Mark Begich, Senator of Alaska state where they discussed Economic Development Corporation in the presence of Dr. Molua Smith Becke, President of the Light Up Fako Project.

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