Tiko Council moving closer to it’s people thanks to decentralization.

Striving towards decentralization and as a gateway city, Tiko Council headed by it’s Shepherd, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III and his executive are bent on going closer to the population.

Yesterday Wednesday March 22nd, 2023 the council represented by the 4th Deputy Mayor, Waindim Rudolf accompanied by the Head of Socio Cultural Mr. Duala Dipita and workers from the recovery team started a sensitization and recovery exercise for the collection of global tax at the creeks (water sites).

The exercise that is in day two today Thursday March 23rd, saw the Tiko Council team holding sessions with the population of the creeks one on one for them to know the importance of paying their taxes and also carryout recovery.

On the sideline of the tour to the creeks, the Head of Socio Cultural at the Tiko Council, Mr Duala Dipita with Mayor Waindim Rudolf educate the population of the importance of marriage.

They told the population of the creeks about the upcoming celebration of mass marriages that will come up in the month of May organized by the Delegation of Women Empowerment Tiko in collaboration with the Tiko Council.

Mr Dipita went further to educate the population that ‘Come We Stay” is not good because in the case of death of one of the partner there is no backing document, so they should used this opportunity and register for the upcoming Mass Marriage exercise.

It should be noted that last October 2022, Tiko Council legalized over 65 Marriages in Mudeka village that is closer to the creeks as part of it’s Open Door Day.

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