Tiko Council prioritizes tree planting to celebrate World Environment Day 2023.

Tiko Council has joined the planet Earth to celebrate the 50th edition of World Environment Day.

Celebrated with focus on solutions to plastic pollution, Tiko Council in collaboration with the Divisional Delegation of Environment and Nature Protection Fako planted over 200 trees throughout the municipality of Tiko and sensitized the population on the importance of tree planting, how to protect the environment and to stop plastic pollution.

Tiko Council’s Mayor, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III accompanied by the Secretary General, Mrs Eri Tatason, Chief of Administration, Mrs Achanga Carolinda Bih, Communal Development Officer Chief Mbollo Ndedi, Municipal Youth Councillors and officials from the Divisional Delegation of Environment and Nature Protection Fako headed by it’s Delegate, Mrs Ekwaingem Mercy were spotted around major neighborhoods of the municipality planting trees.

To Mayor Mesoso III, planting of trees as part of the 2023 celebration of World Environment Day by Tiko Council will go a long way to make the gateway city Green. He also called on the denizens of Tiko municipality to protect the trees so that in the nearest future Tiko will be the place to be.

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