Tiko Council workers celebrate 2023 Labour Day in a grand style.

Workers of the Tiko Council aka Gateway City today Monday May 1st, 2023 brave the odds and joined labourers worldwide to commemorate the International Labour Day.

The celebration that took place at the Manga Williams Avenue in Limbe under the supervision of Fako SDO, Mr Chiabou, with theme “Resilience and decent work: Acting together in the world of work to improve living conditions and social inclusions”, saw the workers of Tiko Council headed by the Lord Mayor, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III, his Deputies and Secretary General celebrating the day in beautiful colours as onlookers were spotted cheering them especially the municipal police.

It should be noted that despite the fact that the celebration took place on a Monday, the workers of Tiko Council were spotted in their numbers as Mayor Mesoso who at the end of march past was very happy with tbe turnout of his staff despite the disappointment from CICAM the company in charge of printing the fabric who failed to respect its obligation.

To the Mayor Mesoso, what CICAM did was to sabotage the council but his workers came out in their numbers with the 2022 fabric. Mayor Mesoso III who was very elated with the participation of his staff elucidated that in the days ahead Tiko Council will carryout litigation against CICAM for not providing the Council with the fabric as the money was paid early January 2023.

The celebration ended with workers expressing their joy and thanks to the mayor and his team for making it to Limbe after years of absence because of the covid19 pandemic.

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