Tiko market to have a change in management structure.

Live at the Tiko Market, meeting with the market management committee between the fourth Deputy Mayor, Waindim Rudolf, the Market Master and traders.

They are brainstorming on the future of the Tiko Main market with a change from Market Traders Association to Market Management Committee to suit the present day dispensation of Decentralization.

The traders discussed on how to organize an election for those to pilot the Tiko Main Market management committee.

The head of local solutions at the council, Mr. Sone called on the traders of Tiko market to take a date for the election of members of the market management committee.

The election of the management committee for Tiko market is scheduled for Friday February 24th,2023 at 12noon. In his closing words, 4th Deputy Mayor, Waindim Rudolf called on the traders to be law abiding and assure them that the council is with them so that Tiko market should be the best in West Africa.

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