Tiko SDF District gets new chairman.

Mr. Teboh George has been voted as the Chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party of the Tiko District for a period of four years.

He was voted during the 2023 Elective Conference of the Tiko District of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party, today Sunday March 19th ,2023 at the Cooperative Hall in Mutengene.

During the conference that brought together delegates from some 39 wards of the 42 wards that make up the Tiko District of the SDF party, a member of the coordination team of the party in the South West region, Eloundou Joseph told militants that this election is for the party to sweep councils and parliamentary seats in the upcoming 2025 elections.

It should be noted that the SDF party of the Tiko District has 42 wards. The elective conference witnessed the presence of Honourable Etoke fritz Ngeka and former Deputy Mayors of the party.

Mr. Teboh George harvested 175 votes of the 177 votes casted.

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