Treviso FC suffered a 1-2 defeat against Mount Cameroon FC.

Treviso FC suffered a 1-2 defeat in a fierce clash against Mount Cameroon FC, today June 1st 2023 at the Tiko Town Green Stadium.

With a completely new set of players and new playing tactics, Treviso FC came in strong with a one goal lead within 2 minutes of play and more than 70% ball possession during the 1st half mounting extreme pressure on Mount Cameroon FC till half time.

As the pidgin proverb says “small pikin cutlass di sharp na for morning time”, all these changed during the 2nd half as Mount Cameroon FC picked up steam by equalizing and went further to score a 2nd goal which gave them a win at the sound of the final whistle.

Treviso FC continues to search for their first point or victory as they are currently at the bottom of Pool C of the South West Regional League as they have now recorded 0 point with -33 conceded goals in 9 games (0 win and 9 losses).

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