All is now set for the Mutengene ring road.

The construction and tarring of a ring road in Mutengene, a cosmopolitan town in Tiko municipality will begin soon. This was after a visit to the site today Tuesday February 14th, 2023 by the Administration of Tiko headed by the Divisional Officer, Mr. Voh Kawa Armstrong, his ‘Etat Majeur’, Mayor Peter Ikome Mesoso III supervisor of the ring road project, Tiko Council Secretary General Mrs. Eri Tatason, Technical Service and Municipal Police heads and other stakeholders of the Municipality.

The ring road project that stretch from the tomato market entrance in Mutengene through Quarter Rubber to the Baptist hospital through Rangers valley entrance, ends at Dental Clinic entrance, Tiko road with the project being a reality. It will ease the movement of persons, goods and properties of these localities.

It should be noted that the ring road in Mutengene will ease travelling from Tiko to Limbe through the Dental Clinic entrance and to Buea through the tomato market entrance. So far demolition of structures along the stretch of road and planting of gutters have been done.

The Divisional Officer for Tiko after visiting the sites appreciated Mayor Mesoso III and his team for a wonderful job done taking the Municipality to higher height.

It should also be noted that part of the ring road project is under Tiko Council PIB and the other by the Regional Council.

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