College One workers of Tiko Council hail Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso for upgrading their standard of living.

College One staff of the Tiko Council today Monday April 22nd, 2024, came together to show their appreciation to the shepherd of the Gateway municipality, HRH Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso III following the Council’s implementation of the ministerial order that changed the salary situation of the ordinary worker and the payment of housing allowances to college one workers (Category 3-6).

The workers who saw a change in their salaries from January 2024 were overwhelmed with joy and thought it wise to express this joy via a show of gratitude; thus surprising the Lord mayor with gifts of appreciation. The event was attended by college 1 and 2 workers (decision and contract) of the Tiko Council, Deputy Mayors of the Tiko Council and the Mayor of the Tiko Council, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III.

Reacting to the gesture from his staff, Mayor Mesoso III said it was a sign to him and the population that staff of the Tiko Council are happy with the system of administration. He called on them to increase their efforts at work and to continue working in synergy with the administration as there are better things ahead for them.

It should be noted that, before January 2024 decision workers (college 1 staff) of the Tiko Council were not opportune to receive housing allowances.

Apart from the housing allowances for college one staff, other benefits and allowances that were deliberated during the Tiko Council ordinary session devoted to the 2024 Budget last December 2023 for both colleges (1 and 2) as from January 2024 are being enjoyed by staff of the gateway city, Tiko Council.

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