Made in Tiko (Cameroon): “egusi” shelling machine.

Young Tiko-based welder NDIBNU FOFUNG builds an ‘egusi’ (melon) shelling machine using local materials.

In order to solve the stress involved in ‘egusi’ shelling operation which is one of the major factors militating against the large scale production, processing and the use of this important crop, a power-driven melon seed shelling machine was built by NDIBNU FOFUNG. This machine shells, strips or peels melon (egusi) off its shell. It can shell 15 to 20 bags depending on daily operational routines. It’s easy to use by flipping the switch.

The machine consists of a feed hopper, a shelling unit, a delivery chute, a power system and a tool frame. The shelling action was achieved by principle of a rotor that throws melon seeds against the shelling drum by centrifugal force and then the seeds were converged onto a spinning disc with vanes that provide impact force to remove the kernel from the shell.

Speaking to Tiko Magazine, this is what he had to say about his motivation for building the machine and how long it took him;

“My mother has been in this business (selling egusi) since I was small. I started the journey in 2021 working on this machine with a lot of setbacks and decided to stop because the machine didn’t work.

After seeing my mother going through stress in the business, I decided it was time to try again, working to complete building the machine. I finally succeeded in July 2022.”

For more information or if you need his service, kindly contact him via: +237 6 82 73 15 60

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