Mutengene: Residents living behind Plantacam lament over two months blackout.

Back Plantacam, a locality in Mutengene, under Tiko Sub-division, has been for the last two months with a power outage.

This has raised anger and bitterness among some inhabitants of the locality as they lament over the precarious situation.

A form five student is worried about the power failure as he says “We have been for two months now without light and we have barely less than 3 weeks to prepare for the public exams, I don’t know what to do it disturbs me the only thing I do is that I use the traditional means by using lamp or candle but each time I use it my eyes pain”, he lamented.

A woman who also does her petit business makes it loud and clear that, “we are tired of this light issue, especially in this Back plantacam. This is the main problem I have here nothing more. Because of the power failure thieves even came and broke into my store meanwhile, that is where I get my livelihood to take care of myself and my family. I and other women matched and went to the DOs Mr Voh Buikame Armstrong’s office and that of Eneo – even to our Quarter-head, but it seems nothing is to be done about it”.

She also laments on behalf of the pupils and students who are preparing for public exams, and without light, they can’t study.

“Using candles is even more dangerous because the child might fall asleep and forget about the next thing, you will hear the child fall asleep leaving the candle on”, she added

“We are only pleading that the DO and Eneo workers should do something about it because is not easy to cope without light, even the foodstuff I stored in the fridge everything got bad”, she concluded.

Credit: Ophelia’s Page

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