South West regional league complete match day 3 results.

* Tiko United FC currently have 7 points with 3 goals in 3 matches. They had a 1-1 draw against Best Stars Academy in match day 1 in Limbe, a 1-0 win against Continental FA in match day 2 in Tiko and a 2-0 win against South West United FC in match day 3 in Tiko.

* 23 goals were scored in 13 games that took place across the region. The number of goals scored per playing day continues to decrease by at least 10 goals per playing day.

* 10 wins and 3 draws were registered while just one draw was goalless.

* Only 4 away wins were registered out of 10.

* 11 teams out of 26 failed to hit the target.

* Continental FA, Mount Cameroon FC and Future Dream FA registered their first wins.

* Nemfa-Nguti continue to search for a goal this season as Future Dream scores for the first time this season.

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