Tiko Council/Brazil partnership to improve livestock sector.

The Tiko Council/Brazil partnership has taken a different twist as its mayor, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III and the Secretary General, Mrs Eri Tatason are presently in the city of Pelotas upon invitation by the Sentinela livestock company for a symposium in order for the council to improve in it’s livestock production.

The session that officially started yesterday May 7th, 2023 also has in attendance some Mayors and Secretary Generals from Councils in Cameroon and other countries. The Sentinela livestock company in Pelotas city in Brazil is the biggest livestock breeds company in South America and third in the world which is specialized in beef production in all levels.

The city of Pelotas is the fourth most populous in Southern state of Rio Grand do Sol founded in 1812 with a population of over 300,000 inhabitants in Brazil.

It should be noted that during the symposium, Tiko council represented by it’s mayor, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III and Secretary General, Mrs Eri Tatason will present a paper on the situation of livestock in the gateway city of Tiko and how it can be improve in order to meet the day to day need of the population of Tiko and beyond.

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