Tiko Council – ENEO Tiko speaks same language.

Tiko Council under the stewardship of Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III accompanied by the Chief of Municipal Police, Mr Teboh George and Town Planning Head, Mr Esunge Jean recently with ENEO Tiko branch management strategized for a peaceful terrain in the municipality.

The meeting that took place at the Mayor’s chambers was aimed at finding a lasting solution concerning electricity protection in the gateway city of Tiko and measure to be put for the felling down of trees erected under the high tension line.

During the over two hours session the Mayor, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III with his collaborators and ENEO officials of Tiko branch accepted for the trees to be brought down by the council in order to avoid the high tension line.

ENEO officials on their part thanked mayor Mesoso III for his timely intervention by summoning the meeting and reassured him that they will do their best to make sure there is total electricity protection throughout the municipality and to make sure the population enjoy the free flow of its supply.

The session ended with all the stakeholders accepted to work for the growth of the municipality.

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