Tiko Council takes decentralization policy to the Tiko wharf

Tiko Council in order to make the population to know more about decentralization, Tuesday February 21st ,2023 visited the Tiko Wharf to sensitize them on the importance of paying taxes.

The sensitization tour that was headed by the 4th Deputy Mayor, Waindim Rudolf accompanied by the Secretary General, Mrs. Eri Tatason and some staff of the Tiko Council, brought together various stakeholders and business persons of the local port.

The session that was very important for the business persons to know their functions as tax payers, witnessed a question and answer whereby some stakeholders of the local port expressed their worries to Mayor Waindim and his team.

The latter, who listened keenly reassured the population and further explained to them how revenue collection is being done and used to ease understanding and meet the objectives of today’s Decentralization.

It should be noted that today’s sensitization tour is the second of its kind at the Tiko Wharf by the Tiko Council and is in line with the decentralization policy of Cameroon.

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