Tiko University announces Arrey Bate as the face and brand ambassador of Tiko University.

Tiko University also known as Life Trust Institutes has announced award winning Journalist and Internet Entrepreneur Arrey Bate as its newest Brand Ambassador.

Arrey will collaborate with Tiko University-Life Trust on an upcoming admission campaign into 39+ courses offered by “Tiko University” programs: LifeTrust Professional Institute Of Competence, LifeTrust Vocational Training Institute and Institute Of Commercial Management (ICM London, UK)– with a 50% discount off on fees for first 50 students (lifestf.org/arrey).

As a leading Cameroonian internet personality, Arrey stands out as one of the most frequent faces on the internet space and with a strong prowess in the educational sector including publishing an internet book.

Known for his work on social media the past years, Arrey Bate founded ARREYB Media and has built a following of thousands of entrepreneurs having featured on the BBC, British Council and speaker at the 51st St Gallen Symposium, the world’s most relevant organisation and platform for cross-generational dialogue.

He is a winner of the 2021 Global Leadership Challenge at Oxford University, an awardee into 2019 British Council’s Top 100 Young Journalist Worldwide and a top 100 Leader Of Tomorrow awarded by St Gallen Symposium, Switzerland.

To mark the partnership, a quote from Arrey on the campaign design read:

“My smart friend, every journey has a story, join us and write yours”

“Smart Friend” is a reflection on the naming of Arrey’s 21,000+ community on emails where he sends out weekly pieces to career professionals and entrepreneurs whom he calls “Smart Friends”

“I’m so proud to announce the start of a new journey as the face of Tiko University. Join me as I rally behind “Tiko University” with my image and brand” Arrey said.

The host of designs and pictures will be used on billboards and campaign material across social media and other media platforms of the university.

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