Who is Faith Fidel? Cameroon’s fast-rising actress.

Faith Fidel is a fast rising actress based in Tiko, South West region of Cameroon.

She has acted in movies like The Fisherman’s Diary, Stripped, Where I Come From, Tenacity etc

The young lady who made her debut in Derick Musing’s Tenacity movie at the age of five has become a household name, solidifying her captivating performance in Kang Quintus’ The Fisherman’s Diary.

Faith in the movie (The Fisherman’s Diary) played the part of Ekah, a young girl whose burning passion to get educated led her to defy the norms and vices society family and life shot at her, eventually becoming a national sensation.

Following her brilliant performance in the “The Fisherman’s Diary” she attracted both national and international recognition, especially following the inclusion of this popular Cameroonian film into Netflix.

In 2020, Faith Fidel won Best Actress at ECRAN NOIR film festival for her role in “The Fisherman’s Diary”.

Faith Fidel is equally a contortionist. It’s amazing how she twists her body in strange and unnatural positions.

A remarkable character both on and off set, Faith remains a wonder actress to watch and an unmatched talent of her generation.

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