CPDM communal campaign leader for Fako IV assures 100 percent ahead of March 12th election.

Militants of the Fako IV ruling CPDM party in Tiko have assured the campaign communal leader of the upcoming senatorial election a 100 percent victory.

Speaking during the communal campaign launch today Wednesday March 1st, 2023 at the Tiko Council Fanzone, the militants from the 18 sub-sections that make up the Fako IV section rallied behind the communal campaign leader, the Lord Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III for a successful election come March 12th, 2023.

The campaign launch that brought together the divisional campaign chair, member of parliament Fako East, senatorial candidates and their alternates, regional and municipal councillors, traditional authorities, elites and members of the various sub-sections was spiced with speeches and traditional dances.

In his welcome speech, the President of Fako IV section of the ruling CPDM party, Hon. Efite Andrew assured the party that they will give a 100 percent vote to tbe senatorial team and called for a minute of silence for the CDC workers who were killed on February 10th in Mondoni.

The Tiko communal campaign leader, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III on his part emphasize that the March 12th election is not for individuals but for the party whereby there should be no discrimination and grudges and that all they want is a 100 percent victory.

The senatorial candidates carrying the flag of Tiko are Lionel Fonderson Papinatou and Madam Rosine Toto as alternate. It should be noted that Senator Lionel Fonderson Papinatou is running in for his second mandate at the Senate.

Senator Lionel Fonderson to note, is an Engineer by profession and the Founder and Proprietor of Keytech company.

The launching saw the presence of another senatorial candidate, Mbella Moki Charles and his alternate from Buea Mrs Dorik Monde Mokosso.

The ruling CPDM party is the sole party for the senatorial election in the South West region.

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