ERuDeF launches radio programme on importance of protecting mangrove and marine ecosystems.

ERuDeF has launched a radio programme aimed at educating inhabitants of island communities and the general public on the importance of protecting and conserving the mangrove and marine ecosystems.

The launching of this radio programme took place at the Tiko Council Community Radio, South West region of Cameroon on Saturday, January 28th. This is in line with one of its projects, Tiko-Limbe 3 Islands Biodiversity Conservation Project funded by Seacology.

Referred to as “Combo Talk”, the radio programme was launched in the presence of Ojong Loveline, Programme Manager of the Gulf of Guinea Islands Biodiversity Conservation Programme, Forsong Fidelis, Project Coordinator, Jingwa Laura, Gender officer, Shuimo Trust, Communication officer and producer of “Combo Talk”, Ngong Ivo, Station Manager, Tiko Council Community Radio and Ashu Samuel, Field Guide.

Islands on the southwest coast of Cameroon are generally referred to as “Combo” in Pidgin English, thus the name “Combo Talk”. “Combo Talk” comes up at 2 pm (CAT) every second and last Saturday of the month on the airwaves of Tiko Council Community Radio, FM 106.5.

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