Runway101: Empowering Cameroon’s Youth through Skill Development.

Since its establishment in April 2023, Runway101, a registered association, has been making significant strides in providing free vocational training to youths across Cameroon.

Founded by Eko Ponchaince popularly known as Yong Chavo, this organization is dedicated to empowering young people, including IDPs, individuals with disabilities, and those from all age groups, by offering essential skills in baking, makeup, hair installation, and gel nails.

Operating in cities such as Limbe, Buea, Kumba, Douala, and Bamenda, with plans to expand to Yaoundé, Bafoussam, and Kribi, Runway101 has successfully conducted around 15 training sessions, reaching hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Their mission is to equip as many youths as possible with the practical skills needed to start their own small businesses, fostering self-reliance and economic growth.

In these challenging economic times, the impact of Runway101’s work is profound. By providing young people with valuable skills at no cost, they are not only reducing unemployment but also helping to create a generation of skilled professionals who can contribute to the local economy.

Runway101’s commitment to skill development and community empowerment is a beacon of hope, illustrating how targeted training initiatives can transform lives and uplift entire communities.

Credit: Samgwa News TV

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