Torrential rains paralyze activities at CMA Tiko Town.

The structure of CMA Tiko Town popularly known as NA hospital has been heavily affected by heavy rains all these days accompanied with winds.

The health structure that receives patients from Tiko Town, Motombolombo, Boma street, the creeks and Down Beach for the past days has been crying for renovation as heavy rains and wind has chopped off part of the structure especially the gutters and facing board.

These has made things difficult for the new management at the hospital to carry out their duties and accommodating patients.

To some of the inhabitants of Down Beach, they are calling on the quarters that be to come to their rescue to renovate this health facility which has been a jewel and blessing to them especially pregnant women who face it difficult to go to distant health facilities.

It should be noted that CMA TIKO Town that was upgraded from NA Tiko few years back has standby doctors and nurses with over 30 patients consulting daily.

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