What is Tiko Got Talent? What you didn’t know.

Tiko Got Talent is an entertainment brand introduced by Mukoko’s Hope Foundation with the aim of providing a platform where young, talented and gifted youths in Tiko and beyond can conveniently showcase their talents before a wide range of audience while improving livelihoods thereby demonstrating talent as a vital tool for community development. The show was introduced in 2019 with its first ever edition organized in September. The 1st edition saw the participation of over 30 youths in and out of Tiko in four major talent domains (music, comedy, dance and fashion designing).

The 1st edition brought together over a thousand (1000) viewers among whom were prominent Cameroonian celebrities in comedy, modelling and music with sponsorship from major higher educational institutions and companies. The success of the 1st edition prompted many promoters of talent shows and lovers of entertainment and goodwill individuals to request for another edition of the talent show.

Consequently, the 2nd edition came as an improvement of the 1st edition. With the lessons learned from their mistakes, shortcomings and strengths of the 1st edition and the experienced gained from organizing a show of this nature, the 2nd edition was a success. It brought together people from far and near. The vibes from the 1st edition, coupled with the level of exposure on social media and mainstream media platforms, the turnout in the 2nd edition was more than 2000.

The 2nd edition saw the participation of celebrities such as Miss Cameroon, Tzy Panchak and a host of others. The 2nd edition of Tiko Got Talent focused on four major talents; music, dance, comedy and modeling and it ran for a day. The winners of each category were awarded cash prizes and gifts in kind from sponsors and partners.

Then came the 3rd edition of last year 2021 which saw the participation of celebrities such as Koc and a host of others. The 3rd edition of Tiko Got Talent had just 1 winner.

“The aim of creating a platform for talent exposure in Tiko and Cameroon in general is to help our young people to be the best and highest versions of who they were created to be. We believe that with a show of this magnitude, we can open up the Tiko community to the whole nation and give youths the chance to hope and be optimistic that their God given talents will take them to higher heights. By embracing the fine arts, it allows for young people to develop both the left and right sides of their brains demonstrating Talent as a vital tool for community development. Creativity can be very helpful in their future endeavors.” said the CEO of Mukoko’s Hope Foundation Mr. Tanga John.

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