Meet Tiko-based fashion designer Kejieh Browdom of Shoyofab

Kejieh Browdom is a young Fashion Designer based in Tiko and the winner of the fashion design category of the 1st Edition of Tiko Got Talent. From a family of 7, he began his journey in the field of Fashion and Designing at the age of 12 with his beloved Father Mr. Cheboh George being his mentor.

Since then, it has been back to back successes and a recent display of his fine talent being seen in his 2020 collections of the Gucci Agbada, the Rich African Senators and his recent 2022 Men’s Secret collections.

Kejieh Browdom over his 9+ years in the fashion business have been rewarded 2 National Awards and 1 international nomination for Young Promising Fashion Designer. He has dress stars like internet entrepreneur Arrey Bate, comedian Ferdinal Forka, journalists, and other media personalities.

In a bid to acquire sufficient digital knowledge which will enable him, lead his African Brand called Kebran Amazing Fashion Wears (now rebranded as Shoyofab, a platform that produce and promote local crafts by connecting buyers to young professional creative entrepreneurs across Africa), he enrolled into the prestigious ICT University.

Aside all that, Kejieh has had his fair share of difficulties. From being someone young; who many at times look down on, to being able to manage the fashion business while going to school. More so, having to work with persons who are fun of being very unappreciative, feeling entitled and always push your buttons.

Well, these and more tend to make men stronger, and are good building blocks for a successful career if well mastered.

As proof to his resilience and go getter attitude, Kejieh despite the odds looks forward to running a modeling team which focuses on promoting the Cameroonian/African culture.

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