Fako SDO says time for excuses as to ghost town is over.

The Senior Divisional Officer for Fako, Mr. Chiabou has called on the population of Tiko municipality to go on with their usual activities from Sundays to Mondays.

Mr. Chaibou, the Supervisory Authority of Councils throughout Fako made the statement today Monday November 13th, 2023 at the Tiko Council Banquet hall during a working session with the population of the gateway city of Tiko.

The working session that brought together the Divisional Officer for Tiko, Mr. Voh Armstrong and his Etat Majeure, the Mayor of Tiko Council, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III and his Deputies, Members of Parliament, the President of the Court of First Instance Tiko, the Security, Traditional and Religious Authorities, Principals and Head Teachers, Service Heads, Economic stakeholders and Business operators, focused on one agenda (the fight against the Mondays lockdown in Tiko).

Welcoming the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako and his Entourage, the landlord of Tiko municipality, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III thanked the SDO for such initiative to fight the Mondays ghost town. He went further that before the initiative, denizens of Tiko municipality have been law abiding , opening their stores on Mondays, schools gate opened and motor bikes and taxis plying the major streets of the municipality.

Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III added that if Tiko the gateway city was not busy on Mondays, vehicles will not have been leaving the Litoral region to the South West.

The meeting that ended with all stakeholders devoted to say no to the Mondays lockdown in Tiko municipality, witnessed some reactions from Religious and Traditional Authorities, and Economic stakeholders who all joined their voices to that of the Divisional Officer for Tiko and Mayor to fight the Mondays lockdown.

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