Mukoko’s Hope Foundation organizes career orientation workshop for Tiko youths.

On Saturday the 17th of April 2021, at the SS club in the Tiko sub division, Mukoko’s Hope Foundation organised a very impactful and mind blowing seminar on the theme “Re-discovering your career path, A key to success.

Students from all over Tiko Municipality got themselves in their numbers from various schools involved and as the turn out very encouraging as well. The event was graced with the presence of some very high personnel in the community like Dr Ewang Anslem CEO and founder of the MAFLEKUMEN and the Miss Tiko as well and many more.

Regarding the 21st century job market, the team decided to get knowledgeable and inspired speakers in the likes of Yavnyuy Joybert and Akere Ashu, were brought in play to talk on:

  • Skill management
  • CV development
  • Career Orientation and of course many more.

Due to the thirst and hunger for knowledge, the students paid all time, focus and attention to speakers while they talked, also noted out key points about the subject matter which was talked about.

A question and answer session was also given to students just to satisfy curiosity by those who could not get in touch in one way or the other. An interlude drama display by the students of Maflekumen Health Institute was very much impactful and captivating as well.

Not forgetting the Kwajika Tea for their very warm contribution during the break. Tea and pie was given to all the participants of the events and of course just to mention that Kwajika Tea gave in their very own best during the event.

And more so just to let us know that, the event was concluded on an attestation ceremony where all the participated students received an attestation by team. Exhibiting joyfulness in heart, they all confessed verbally how satisfied they were and most especially how knowledgeable they felt during the seminar and they all left satisfactorily.

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