Tiko’s natural beach resort: a neglected gem?

In recent years, Cameroon has registered over 418 beach resorts timely per say. In view of this regard, such places are often times regarded for leisures and for pleasures. These are places which the beauty and glamour the earth presents to us timely.

Talking about the beauty of resorts sites in Cameroon, so many people out there have their reasons for visiting such places, some of which may include their personal reasons, some visit to ease stress while some reasons best known to them. But a majority visit because of its splendid nature, to relax and many more.

Amongst the many resorts sites in Cameroon, is the Iroko Jima Beach Resort popularly known as Tachi beach in the Tiko Sub Division of Cameroon. A town which is known as the best interns of quality and mass production of Cameroon’ s products ie; banana, rubber and oil. Owns a seaport and an airpot which welcomed the president of the country in 2018 before taking off to buea.

The Iroko Jima Beach Resort is situated at the tail end of the Tiko Municipality. It’s activities may also includes;

  • Fishpond
  • Poultery
  • Piggery and many more.

Visited by many administrators in its community because of its adorable sites. And it’s the most populated place one can ever think of visiting for leisure and comfort. Though still under construction of its hurts and pool, many still find it very much attractive to visit.

Just to let us know that, the Iroko Jima Beach Resort is considered as one of the best and beautiful places in the Tiko Sub Division of Cameroon one can ever think of.

A place to be for the pleasure of the body talking about Iroko Jima Beach Resort.

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