Tiko Council Delegation poise to win 2023 Clean City Award

Tiko Council under the stewardship of Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III and his collaborators arrived the city of Garoua today Sunday October 1st, 2023 ahead of the Clean City Award 2023 scheduled for tomorrow Monday, October 2nd, 2023 to be chaired by the Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Mme Celestine Ketcha.

Tiko Council that won the South West Regional Clean City Contest with 95 percent, Delegation to Garoua witnessed the presence of the South West Governor’s representative, the Chief of Socio-Cultural Affairs at the South West Governor’s office, Regional Delegates of Decentralization, Local Development, Urban Development and Housing, the Secretary General of Tiko Council, Mrs. Eri Tatason, Municipal Treasurer, Mr. Mbella Robert, 4th Deputy Mayor, Waindim Rudolf, Communal Development Officer, Chief Mbollo Ndedi Yves Patrice, Chief of Hygiene and Sanitation, Mme Mbongo Magdalene, Chief of the Hygiene and Sanitation Committee for Tiko Councillors, Mr. Ekamba Edwin, Station Manager Tiko Council Community Radio, Mr. Ngong Ivo Mua, Chief of Municipal Police, Mr. Teboh George, Head of Town Planning, Mr. Esunge Jean, Mr. Fombon Patrick, Head of Local Solutions, Mr. Sone Julius, and some of the Mayor’s collaborators have put everything in place for the gateway city to come back home with the trophy.

Tiko council with it’s slogan ‘we go take the cup’ under Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III and his team arrived via Boeing 737-700 at the Garoua International Airport with their heads high as they were given a hilarious welcome by the population of Garoua.

It should be noted for over five months now the gateway city has been on the limelight as concern Hygiene and Sanitation nationwide with the denizens appreciating the work done so far by the Mayor and his team for keeping the Municipality clean.

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